Reminder ( Mental illness)

Mental illness is real. It’s not something a person imagines or pretends to have in order to “get attention”.  It is not a character flaw nor a weakness. It is not something to be ashamed of.

Depression, bipolar,  OCD, schizophrenia, PTSD, etc. are real illnesses rooted in the brain.  They are complex conditions that arise from a combination of organic, genetic, and societal factors.  They may be triggered by traumatic experiences.

—by Ramil Gulle of



Love is not clinginess
Not selfish but selfless
Love is to let go, is freewill
Able to forgive and forget
and give chances to people who are worthy to be save. Love could be developed or could be love at first sight or Love is like two souls who connect and hold each other into infinity. But love is not blind because it can see everything.. insecurities and other imperfections but willing to embrace it. Love is acceptance. Love is genuine.

The fallen angels of house of misery and mystery

Fallen and wings destroyed
Innocence vanished from the gleam light of darkness…awakened by the truth…
fight to love? Or fight to destroy? The fallen angels have two choices , to be good or to be evil .
Sun is light, moon is dark – inside the house that gives human hopes to dream an earthly desires – that we called happiness.
A glimpse of a circling flashy light abruptly closed like a passage of hidden black hole of truth.
We are what we are, We are human, We feel everything even in silence we cannot deny that blood runs to our veins. The blood of humanity. The blood who destroyed supposedly the house of hope to house of misery. This house is our world and we killing it. Full of lost souls flying, running and screaming into unknown. Selfish desires ruined it. Self surviving – we forgot that without this world , we are nothing. How creepy if one day we woke up in the dark and lost everything that we have including the world we live in.

Is heaven real?

An old lady sitting on the rocking chair
asking herself if heaven is real
Her heartbeat sounds like a beaten drum that hard to deal
Two wrinkled hands holding the arm of the chair
She closed and opened her eyes,
A light with human form appeared,
Reaching her hand with care
Astonished by what she saw , she’s speechless and just stared
Found her self standing, watching her other self sitting on the rocking chair with no life and with no fear
She smiled , tears from her sparkling eyes fell
A voice saying her name , light paths directed to the stair
Floating, the air guides her to the gate that shine like a pearl,
An angelic voice said; if you believe in and you repent then your heart and eyes are the witnesses that heaven is real.

Lazy morning

Morning, on my bed lying
Sun’s awake while I’m still asleep
Wind tickling my feet
The drops of the grizzling rain awaken my eyes
but my body and brain are dreadfully weary
Eyes looking on the white plain ceiling and wall, saw a reflection of me staring straight to my soul. Myself pulling me into the morning drill, Laziness pushing me back into the bed of sleepiness tool.

Soil of death

The rain poured heavily from the sky

Houses beneath the mountains with cracked

due to mining of copper, bronze and gold of evil

Rain soften the soil and its collapsed

No. of people hurriedly rescued the victims

Heroes risked their owned lives to save at least

one to many.

Mostly of the victims were family…

Father and son, mother and daughter

and some were children, parents and lovers

Souls cried out for help, voices were everywhere …

Some were rescued and Some were dead by the

soil of death…




Written by Unknown

I will share to you the content of this letter.  It’s from my mother. I asked if who gave this to her but she forgot. Anyway…

I realize that even how many times you got hurt don’t make it to stop you by falling in love again. Let your soul be free and be loved but don’t forget to put a boundaries or limitations to yourself. 

Here’s the content:

” Love is one of the questions we have attempted to answer in more than one way. This only shows that it is quite impossible to grasp and comprehend the totality of its being. But we try, don’t we? We try and find out by loving and by being love. We try and find out by getting hurt . We try and find out by rising and learning. We try and find out.

When you enter a relationship, when you commit yourself, you must always bear in mind that you are also sharing part of yourself to a stranger who by mere chance or destined fate you happened to like and “LOVE”. In doing so, you take a risk a great risk. He is a different person. He is definitely not your reincarnation. This is why you shouldn’t expect him to be like you, to possess the same thought to own the same emotions. You love him in his totality as a person. Even in mutual (platonic) friendship, growth is brought about by your differences which in one way or the other cultivate the friendship. It is also important to remember that trust is a vital element of any  relationship – unconditional trust… no if’s, no but’s.

I believe in the sincerity of your feelings, I believe in your sincerity as a person. Like any of us, you are capable of loving and I would like to believe that you are worthy of being love in return. You are a promised of life. You are to have the best.

When you love, honestly love, then you must be willing to sacrifice. There are times when hurts go so deep, when the pain is almost unbearable, when you are about to give up. But loving is not giving up so easily. It is being there when all have gone, when there is very a little strength left, when it is too much to stand. Loving is trusting. Loving is letting be.

There is really no difference between the as-a-matter-of- way and the romantic way. You might just be in a different  plane of understanding which causes the difference in interpretation. If he says he is honest with you, then don’t kill yourself by saying he’s not. How do you know? His past experiences are not enough proof (they aren’t) to doubt him. If he can offer his as-a-matter-of-fact-way of loving to the best, then accept it. And if you can love him the romantic way in return, then do so. Please don’t measure the exchange. Just be honest with each other and have open channel of communication (constantly) where is a free sharing of ideas. No if’s, no but’s.

Nobody promised you a rose  garden. But you are a promise. Get the best out of life. Love and get  hurt. Get hurt and learn. Learn and love again. It is all a cycle my friend. It is a cycle of being. Experience the cycle.”


Saw a young boy with her sister next to him,
sat on the sky walk stair with filthy faces and shirts .
He noticed my fleeting look and he smiled .

In spite of what he has been through his face was hopeful
that someday he could fly to the moon and landed with million stars .

He made me realize that how wonderful life is . Happiness is uncountable and cannot be measured . No matter how hard life is just move on…


Her heart appended to his heart

She bequeathed it to him

Her lips may be sealed,

but the love she felt depicted to her emotions on the

poem she was written,

The flesh of the words blemished her soul.

The tears of her pen tattooed on paper that darken the shadow

from gray to black.

Weather felt her…

Lightning  struck, Rain poured heavily

Hopeless and Broken.



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